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I recently listened to a podcast that made me really think about myself and the clients that are showing up in my life.

Let’s take a few moments and think about the following questions.

Are you running from your emotions??

Do you avoid spending time on your own doing nothing?

Are you one to keep yourself so busy that you don’t ever stop and just hang out with yourself?

Do you like to people please and say yes, to everyone and anything just so you always have something to do?

Do you always fill your time with work to do?

Do you feel too scared to slow down and stop, as you don’t know what will come up for you?

Do you have fear of not being in control all the time?

Have you ever thought for a moment that you are trying to run away from yourself by keeping busy?

If you are not running, maybe you could be numbing your emotions…

Do you want to stop the way you are feeling?

Do you numb the pain with addictive behaviors, such as excessive exercise, drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs, or overindulging in unhealthy food?

Do you turn to the above substances when things get tough and you want to get away from it all?

Did you know If you numb your pain with substances, then you are shutting the body down from feeling and processing your emotions?

Numbing is also an avoidance of your feelings, just like running away from them. Sometimes you may even flit from one to the other. 

In the long run, it becomes harder to clear these negative emotions as they get stored in the body, in the organs, tissues, and muscles. They become toxic which causes inflammation in the body, as well as other chronic health issues.

Sitting and dealing with your emotions can be a difficult and painful process but I always say you need to work through the pain, avoidance does not work. It does more harm than good.

“Tried there, done that!! If you didn’t know, I did turn to alcohol when I found things difficult when I went through my divorce, I felt so alone and all I wanted to do was to stop feeling the pain with the alcohol.”

Stored negative emotions and unprocessed trauma can make your life feel incomplete as if something is missing. They hold you back from being the person you want to be, the way you want to look and feel about yourself and your life. Your health, your wealth, and your desire to live a fulfilled life.

In order to feel pleasure we have to feel the pain, otherwise, how do we know what pleasure feels like?

You need to wake the body up to feeling again. Allow the body to process these feelings and become connected and aligned with your true self again. That’s why the Kundalini practice is so powerful, it does just that. Not only does it help to clear the toxins, but it also creates peace and harmony in your body.

Ask yourself these two questions

1. If you had no limitations in your life what type of person would you like to be?
2. What is stopping you from being this incredible person you describe?

The first step is awareness of the kind of person you want to be. The second is being in tune with your body to see how it reacts when you go through a difficult time. Next time you feel yourself running or numbing notice it and see if you can bring more awareness to your situation.