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Do You have Issues with Your Skin?

Why I Maya Dattani, a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Became a Tropic Skincare Ambassador!

I swapped all my skincare products to non-toxic skincare products and saw a big improvement in my energy levels and my skin began to glow…

Listen to all the amazing things that Tropic Skincare has to offer, how I came across it, and why I love it so much!!

Feel free to browse my shop, but please make sure you select me, Maya Dattani as your Personal Tropic Ambassador so I can help you with any further orders or inquiries.

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  • Vegan
  • Cruelty- free
  • Freshly made in the UK
  • Double offsetting emissions
  • Responsibly resourced ingredients
  • Recyclable & refillable packaging
  • Funding Education for underprivileged children